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From Pissed to Pleased

Licking Hole Creek 1, 16 x 20, Acrylic on Canvas, $395

Licking Hole Creek 1, 16 x 20, Acrylic on Canvas, $395

Have you ever gotten annoyed with a friend? This week I found myself at an unusually high level of irritation with someone who is a perfectly lovely person most of the time.

Of course, I had my reasons for being piqued. We learn when living into the Abraham teachings that if I do not feel good (as I did not when irritated) it is not the best next step to catalog the reasons for my state. Instead, I wanted to turn my attention to something that felt good. In this case I did distract myself and when I returned to the matter with the friend, I was still annoyed. Hmmm.

After a day or so of this, I realized I had to sit and handle my vibration on this situation. How did I approach it? Well I wondered what was up with me? I could see that this interaction was not that big a deal, if looked at objectively and still my emotion raged strongly. I listed what I was thinking. I asked myself of what this reminded me.

In my life I have often been in a care-taker role. I have held my own needs back and focused on the needs of others. Had I let this habit run again? ( this thought was self accusatory).  It came to me that anger with myself was fueling the anger with the friend. I understood my hurt from those incidents in the past.   Forgiving myself was a key to my relief– remembering my power and vibrancy.   I was ok if a habit of past hurt had played out. That is part of my human journey. I claim my ability to insure that I got excellent care.  I would safeguard my own needs.

This person had behaved generously toward me many times. I could admit, too, that she could have cause to be annoyed with me as well. I had spoken to her with a less than friendly edge.

This self-talk session resulted in my feeling better about the situation. I could breathe more easily; I could admit that what was likely to happen next was not that big a deal. The  past charge had dissipated– I was back in present time. Important to note, I sat with myself for my own peace of mind. I was not inspired by desire to push at the situation. I got willing to change my vibration and took time to do what it took.

Then, in the next day or so, there were some email communications and to my surprise, this friend shifted her position in my favor. I had not called to discuss it ,and the emails did not deal with that piece of the issue at all. I was pleased. I saw this shift as related to my shifting my energy, my thinking.  I found ease, I found feeling good and things changed outside me.

Dear Readers, notice these steps in this account: 1.) I noticed how I felt ( I did not feel good), 2) I acknowledged that I needed to shift my vibration. 3) I knew that I could do something about my suffering and that it was my part to change, even though my upset was focused on another ( I could easily blame that person for my upset), 5)  I talked with myself, felt feelings and got to a more serene state, 6) I made wanting to feel better most important, 7) I appreciated myself for getting relief and basked in feeling better, and 8) when I got more results I appreciated how amazing and powerful it is when I align.

Have you seen this kind of result from changing your vibration and doing inner work? Want to share your story? Please send in story or comment to jpearl@streamofyes.com. I love to hear from you.



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