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Ok To Crash and Burn: Recovering from Upset

Italian Sun, 2008

Italian Sun, 16 x 20, Acrylic with Texture on Canvas, $325

In my habitual thoughts I think if things go poorly for me I am at fault and I feel badly. Anyone else out there have that habit of thought? Recently I was listening to an Abe recording and heard a satisfying reframe: Just let yourself crash and burn.

Huh? If I have become upset by a set of events, during that day let those feelings flow.  In fact, walking this path I am not required to exert great effort to uplift. Instead, when I have a fresh start in the morning I can arise and see if reaching for an uplifting thought works then. Often it does after a good night’s sleep. Then I can feel somewhat better. You have heard of going with the flow? Isn’t it helpful to realize that when upset, going with the flow can look like some kind of escape or soothing? Many of us do this for ourselves. If I experience an upsetting event, I might need to coast for awhile.

Recently I used this insight for myself. I really got upset. I did my best in the early mornings to reach for good thoughts, and I did get some ease. Really though, the inner stirring had momentum and to get bigger relief took over a week and easing higher bit by bit.

I find it comforting to know we are enough and can allow time to help us heal. We are not to blame for being upset nor required to force a quick fix to a deep hurt. Loving ourselves might look like distracting myself with a mystery novel or watching television.  The power of Well Being remains with us as we lift with ease bit by bit.

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