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Letting Myself Have Ease

Blue Landscape with Figure, 24 x 30, Acrylic with Texture on Canvas, $525

Blue Landscape with Figure, 24 x 30, Acrylic with Texture on Canvas, $525

Have you felt you have to push yourself? I have for much of my life. Habit of thought: I wanted to see myself as good and to “achieve” this good I had to be vigilant in effort.

Wow what an amazing experience to let myself relax that effort. I wrote recently about how I got a virus, and I postponed a trip north to visit family and friends. Know how that played out? I postponed the trip and relaxed into taking care of myself. Taking the pressure off myself, I changed the thoughts I had been running. In the rest I realized I had created a burden on myself by the way I predicted what would happen on the drive up and during the trip. Without realizing the impact I had been envisioning a strain in the long drive and effort in visiting family.  During the respite days with the virus, I became aware of the nature of thoughts I had been running. Silly me! No wonder I did not feel well at the prospect of going!

In the days of hanging out, I was willing to change my perspective on the trip. I held in my mind how drives fly by when I anticipate something wonderful coming. I relished the deep pleasure I can have being with beloved family, sharing fun. How loved up I feel when share time with the many friends up north.

Surprise! I got well enough to travel and went a week after the postponing date. Through this, I learned how I can create a higher level of happy for myself. During the vacation I was able to keep that feeling alive. Days unfolded and wonderful opportunities flowed. Really the way things went well for me made a deep impression.  An overnight stay at the ocean materialized– two nights even! Plans I had made fell through just when something better had come up for me on that day- then I could easily do the activities that were even more fun. Friends got days off from work just when I was there… on and on chances for fun opened up and fell into place at my feet. There were so many instances….Wow.

What do I recommend for readers? For me it has been extremely worthwhile to become more and more aware if I am predicting an outcome I do not want. If I pause when I notice, I may be willing to reach for envisioning something I do want to happen.

Today I got emotionally upset a couple of times, and it was difficult to move to thoughts as positive as I prefer, as I am used to now,  for a few of hours. Recommended is to distract oneself during a time like that. I just watched a movie on my computer about an uplifting topic ( I watched Heaven is for Real) . Readers, pick any focus that you love. Go into it and be there. That really is all you have to do. Let it be easy.

When you find yourself fairly calm and content, think about ease or freedom or clarity. If you are upset, make it ok to be there and ride it out. Accept this mood.  Something soothing for yourself is helpful go to move. And then get a night’s sleep and awake with the “reset” status.

Right now I feel filled with love and ease after watching the movie. Isn’t it fun to feel good? And now that I am here it feels easy :).

Do you want to share times when you have felt so easy and happy? Or another reaction to this piece? Please send them to jpearl@streamofyes.com. Ease and flow to you and yours!





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