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Leg Canary

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Swimmers 2011

I can ride the waves of life, surfing the currents of what presents. I am realizing that I have one leg in particular that produces some symptoms and discomforts periodically and that that discomfort is telling me something about my state of being. It is akin to the use of canaries for miners. The canary gets ill or dies when a mine gets toxic fumes in it. The mining staff use this bird as an indicator of safety and when they get the evidence that something is off, they evacuate and take remedial action.

Recently I had an episode of discomfort with this canary leg.  What I experienced illustrates some important points about applying the Abraham teachings as I experienced and reached for better feeling thoughts.

At first, I got caught in habits. I reviewed what had happened, what I did. I looked for what I did wrong, what is causing it and I discussed it with friends, looking for remedies. I acknowledge that these reviewing and worrying thoughts might be common and certainly are understandable. As I write here I know I can focus in better ways that promote better feeling and thereby attract to me more of what I want, healing of various kinds.

Here are some suggestions for some kind of episode of  discomfort:

1. Accept where I am

It is alright to have a leg canary chirping. I am still safe and sound.

2. Make it ok for it to take as long as it takes to come to resolution

Even if I am in a bit of discomfort, I can relax knowing it is ok and that there is no          time pressure.

3. Trust the healing process

Well Being abounds and Healing is part of the Force of Good that surrounds me.

4. Know that Forces of Good flow through me now and always. In fact, I am composed primarily of Forces of Good.

I AM the Force of Good and I am POWERFUL.

5. My Higher Self, Inner  Being, Force of Good enjoys all my experiences including this one.

There is nothing to reject; there is no blame. I am flowing with the process of living.

6. Bit by bit keep returning my focus to what is going well.

I help myself as I pay attention to how much is going well in my being and around                  me. For example, I started walking around relishing how well one of my legs                 functioned– easy, relaxed gait, no discomfort at all.

7. Assume I am right on track with just as things are now.

Things are going well. I remain competent, smart, sassy and adorable.

8. Make it ok to rest and do nothing

Doing nothing is actually doing the “something” that promotes wellbeing.

Rest is so valuable and important.

9. Look for ways to have fun the way things are at the moment

a. I put much focus on my painting.

b. I relished improvements I saw, people who helped me, sessions that worked well for me etc.

c. I took rests midday and applied Jin Shin Jyutsu to my leg as I listened to an entertaining audio-book.

10. Remember how change is built in and how much better things can be in a short time span.

This morning I noticed I had a lot of smudges and spots on my windshield.  I ran the windshield washer once and it was still lousy. I ran it several more times and    voila, there it was: a much cleaner windshield. The states changed. I want to see my leg blips like spots on a windshield—the state can change before too long.    Things change, I change, healing happens.

11. As I put my focus on what I wanted and on having fun, on resting, I attracted more of what I wanted and help to get there.

Please comment on this piece as you feel moved to do so. I love hearing stories of your recovery. If you give any of these suggestions a try, please share the results. I love feedback– send to jpearl@streamofyes.com.



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