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Heal Your Body: Already Whole


Close to Mint Spring, 24 x 30, Acrylic $525

Close to Mint Spring, 24 x 30, Acrylic $525

Isn’t it something to behold that we cut our finger and in a few days our hand is as good as new? I love noticing that healing force– I did so little to assist that. All I did was wash it, maybe a bit of salve, throw on a band aid.  Wow Healing does its thing and in a few days– Restoration!

Through my life path I was drawn to the use of Jin Shin Jyutsu (JSJ), a way of harmonizing the energy of the body mind spirit, a facilitation of self healing and promotion of Well Being. Readers may get more information on its wonders on other posts on this blog  (to access go to the search feature of the blog. )  In this hands on art of JSJ we are trained to see the person who has come to us as already in his or her perfection, already whole. Recently one client testified that she is so happy to be starting to look at herself as mostly well rather than have her thoughts of herself dominated with her diagnoses.  A positive payoff: the specialist she was seeing for her “diagnosis” was very surprised that her condition was a bit better than last time– prediction of that practitioner having been rapid deterioration.  The client is focusing on her wellness now.

The other day I visited the Herbalist I see for my own health.  In this visit he listens to the pulses, examines my tongue, listens to what is going on with me. When I asked him what he heard, he told me he hears some stagnation of the blood.  Immediately I began to think of remedies and things I could do to turn around this  condition. I got really busy with my mind. Part of the session included some Chinese massage and I felt rejuvenated after that.

As I was paying up and preparing to leave, it came to me to ask him what he heard that was going well with me.  He looked up at me– “Your kidneys and liver  are improved, your chi is running the best I have ever heard it and all your organs are in good shape.”  I continue, “Have you heard this stagnation indication before- is this new?” “No,” he responded, “I have heard that for a long time.”   Wow– I was filled with exhilaration, a rush of positive juices. I felt great hearing there was so much good in me: the “concern” was no biggie, not new and I was evolving into more health.  Instead of the dip in my spirits, I felt major lift. So much difference in my attitude if I focused on what was going well! Striking!

Have you heard of Catherine Ponder? She wrote The Dynamic Laws of Healing in 1966.  The work is filled with many stories of dramatic healing from a shift in attitude. In on account under the subtitle “How Praise Heals” Catherine reported that a woman who had failed to get relief from her doctors ccame to Catherine. After listening to the client’s long list of woes, Ponder asks the woman to tell her something that was going well with her. At first the woman could not think of anything. Catherine persisted pointing out that the woman had walked into her office,  was not bedridden, was apparently seeing, hearing, smelling, tasting, and touching.  The client responded after some contemplation– her right little finger was perfect.  The counselor told the woman to go home and focus on the perfection of her little finger, to praise its health, to give thanks for Life and refuse to think of her ills. In three days the patient returned and felt better in her whole hand.  The client continued to see Catherine and before too long the list of healthy parts grew and grew. [1]

In an Abraham seminar video segment from 1993, a female audience member reported that in her recent past she had been given a diagnosis of cancer.  Spurning medical care at that time, she went home and immersed herself in the Abraham teachings (such as is discussed on this blog).  In a few months time she was found to be completely cancer free.

We can steer our thoughts and with this power of focus we can wield awesome power to heal.  Instead of putting attention on what is going awry, I recommend putting attention on appreciating what you can around you and if you can, what is going well in your being.

I have more healing successes and keep reading for more on those :).  Do you have questions? Do you have stories to share? Please write to jpearl@streamofyes.com.  What is working well in your being today?



[1] Ponder, Catherine, The Dyanmic Laws of Healing, (Marina del Ray, CA: DeVorss &Co, Publisher, 1966) 99-100.

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