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Focus To Uplift Yourself


The act of appreciating lifts the spirits.

In my quiet time I discovered that I really enjoy realizing and reviewing the value of those who have provided important and wise leadership for me. Relatively early in my life I met and befriended a woman who was way ahead of her time. We exchanged at length.

Orange Field, 24 x 30, $525

Orange Field, 24 x 30, $525

She advised again and again that I notice what I am thinking and make the formulations as true to present time as I can. ┬áTo perceive the “shoulds” woven in; to note what pessimism, worry, and negativity was part of what flowed in my head.

The influence of this woman launched me on the path I am now on– when I was age 26.

Isn’t it great that I connected with this fabulous woman at all– never mind in my mid twenties! I adore calling up how I feel about this dear soul, her impact on me, my great good fortune.

On a recent evening I sat with a small group of women who meet regularly to support one another. Upon hearing my sharing about the guiding light figure in my life, one member, call her Gladys, got excited about having each of us talk about those who have had valuable influence on us.

Another of the group, call her Allison, at first was daunted– she wondered had any one had an influence on her. “Oh, but wait!” she recalled. ” In my freshman year of college several professors wowed mw.” She explained how each exposed her to ways of looking at the world that at that time thrilled her.

In a flash she was on a roll expressing details about how she felt, doors opening in her heart and mind.

The group listened intently, sat rapt– not so much with relating to the specifics of her tale, the classes, their content– but more to how transformed was Allison as she remembered and resonated with that piece of past. Allison had lit up!

Here is the punch line of this post: Allison focused on something that she loved and her spirits shot up.

I couldn’t resist saying-“Look at how great you feel! You can tell this or another deeply felt story and raise your spirits anytime at all. Isn’t that an awesome power!”

It’s all about on what we focus. So valuable to realize.

I bask in some guiding light figures that meant so much to me. As Allison held in her mind what she loved, she felt delight.

We all can wield this tool. Yowser!

Got examples from your life? Please send me tales of people who made an important difference to you. You will love how it feels to call it up and share it!

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