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Being Good

Purple Flowers Arising, 9 x 12, Acrylic with Texture on Canvas

Purple Flowers Arising 2010

In an Abraham Live seminar recently with great enthusiasm one man shared a process he created to get what he wanted. He had written a thank you letter to Abraham, thanking her for two special manifestations: a job where he could express himself more fully and a loving partner. As he read the letter to himself morning and night, he would fill himself with the feeling of delight in receiving these manifestations. After he had reported his success to Abraham and she had discussed it, he was almost ready to leave the hotseat. “Anything else,” she asked, “Yes,” he said, ” I wanted Abraham to tell me I did good, and I am good.”  Here he had been so successful, delivered his piece in an uplifting voice, impressed us all, showed us how it was done and still he had a desire to be dubbed “Good”.

I feel that desire in myself too, to think of myself as good. At the heart of my wanting to achieve various landmarks and attain status– for me things like being a recognized artist who easily sells work, being a sought after teacher of inspirational material– all this so that I can feel good about myself, feel I am worthy, a good person.

We came here from Pure Positive Energy. When we come to earth the vast majority of our being remains Non Physical Energy– we are spiritual beings having a human experience. In my language that means not only does the Forces of Good course through our Veins, we ARE the Forces of Good. Isn’t that something!

Recently, I saw that this means that I need make no effort at all to be “Good”. In fact, that is largely of what I am composed, sitting here typing breathing in and out. Who knew? Are you wowed by this? Think of the implications….

I am definitely sleeping late tomorrow, and I do not need to participate in my university’s annual drive if I am not moved to do so. What would life be like if I had nothing to prove and nothing to be right about or defend?  It would logically follow then that I don’t have to ask myself a thousand times a day if I caused that problem.– when things go in a way I do not prefer.  I am experimenting with living in more and more ease– and building my capacity for more!

Roll with processing this in a sharing to me. Be great to hear from those who are intrigued by soaking this in. Write at jpearl@streamofyes.com. I could sign off with Be good but hey not necessary instead– Be You!







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