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Back in the Saddle of Connection: A Story of Personal Power

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Aid, 16 x 20, $395

A friend phoned recently to discuss the news that a utility company  is planning to put a pipeline through her county near her neighborhood. She’s planning to participate in efforts to stop it. From her voice I could tell she was starting to feel intimidated–  Big Power Company against little neighborhood. She felt her habit to think this development could bring down a set of events that would negatively effect her. She does not want that development.

She was thinking versions of these sentiments:

  • I’ll be a victim of this company
  • It’s so near my house
  • The neighbors are up in arms– there is a threat
  • A big thing is about to happen. I have to fight against it.
  • I’m frightened as are my friends.

I reminded her of another way to look at “what is” as follows:

  • She has a Vector toward Prosperity and Happiness. That is where she is heading.
  • She has the Forces of Good on her side and daily reaches to feel herself connected to the Forces of Good
  • “Think about it, ” I said, “The Forces of Good map the orbits of the planets in a sacred geometric relationship to one another,  keeps those celestial orbs spinning around the sun, creates every creature that walk this earth–and courses through your veins. Does that Force have more power than a utility company?”  ( She had heard this line of reasoning from me before.!).

The quality of her voice changed. “Oh yes. This is what I want to remember. Oh yes, I feel that soothing.” In that blink of an eye, the time it took to think a different thought she was back in the saddle of connection.

Because she’d been practicing, she could notice the habit of thought that leads to fear and could switch quickly to feeling stronger. Abraham and I both recommend that a person practice playing thoughts of Feeling  Good when it is easily done–usually first thing in the morning.

How do you imagine feeling good? This morning the idea of this piece popped into my head and I hopped out of bed eager to write it. I recommend noting what feels good to think about.Do you want to share some items on your list? Please write to jpearl@streamofyes.com. I love to hear from you.

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