Janet Pearlman

Living in the Stream of Yes

Art at Hotcakes Cafe: Janet Pearlman from Dec 9 to Jan 19

Grace Heart Moves, Diptych 30 x 40, Acrylic with Texture on Canvas

Grace Heart Moves 2012

From Dec 9 to January 19, 2013 Janet’s art can be enjoyed at Hotcakes Cafe in Barracks Road  Shopping Center, Charlottesville, VA next to Rebeccas Health Food Store . The cafe is open seven days a week: M-F 7 am- 8pm; Sat 9 am – 8 pm; Sunday 10 am- 6 pm.  One viewer said the art looks lavishly beautiful!  Please drop by and gaze on it for yourself! Love to hear from you with your comments.

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