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Yellow Moment, 9 x 12, 2011

Yellow Moment 2011

This week I experienced a revolution in my eating, overturning the focus on alkaline/acid balance. Since May 2012 I had been eating so that my ph balance measured toward alkalinity. Eating in this way required much paying attention– much specific selection and preparation of food choices. Recently a Light worker read my energy to report that my gut bacteria were not being well fed.  She ticked off food to add to my plate.

Then I visited the Herbalist I see monthly he conducted a food scan on his energy reading computer. My vibration was tested for beneficial relationship with 500 foods.The report showed many foods I had been eating to now be ranked in negative range, resulting in a new plan very different from what I had  been eating. Initially I found myself upset. I heard an inner voice crying, ” I’ve been going in the wrong direction all this time, and I had to try hard to do that. What a fool!”  I felt embarrassment, I also felt like I wanted to blame or hate someone.

I reached for soothing myself and reframing– I share this because I think what I discern in myself applies to many of us, to many situations arising in the course of changing and growing, adjusting to the flow of life.

On this Planet Earth 2013 we live in a time of great change. A significant direction of this civilization is founded on formulations which must change. Interested readers may consult works like Deep Truth by Greg Braden and Source Field Investigations and The Synchronicity Key by David Wilcock.  We as a culture have not properly understood what it means to be a human, who we are and what we are doing in on Earth.  Major aspects of industry and medicine among other fields either are changing rapidly or about to change to align with new revelations and understandings. Legions of people  are highly invested in skills and ways of living that are now or will be found not applicable to what is functional in the newly emerging world.  Like me someone whose training and lifestyle are shown as outdated could say ” You make me look like a fool. I have invested my whole life in __________ and now you overthrow the basis of how I have lived.

We humans have lived as explorers and we value discovery and expansion. When doing so, inevitably new revelations and understandings replace what has been.  For example, many prominent people of the day were upset  by findings that the world was round and not flat. This was not immediately accepted.  Upheaval has occurred often in the course of human history– in fact these paradigm shifts have been essential to our evolving story. These changes and the adjustments to it must occur for life on Earth to survive with health, vibrancy, balance and renewal. We need to release beliefs that do not serve us, and we move on.

Framed this way, I feel right on track and an integrated part to an exciting human story. My personal story fits in well with the times in which I live. I have evidence sufficient to make a significant change in my eating,  and my best wisdom tells me to flow with it. Yes feelings of doubt along with other emotions surface, and I can reach for a context from this bigger picture. This bit of contrast inspired me to launch rocket of more vitality. I literally am directed to experience more variety in what I enjoy!  I now focus on how good it feels to eat in this new way and keep moving forward from here.

Have you recently been experiencing some change in your life that required adjusting and some emotional processing? Did this article stimulate or soothe your thinking? Please comment at jpearl@streamofyes.com. I love hearing from you and sharing this great journey!


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