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Possibility of Breath, 24 x 30, Acrylic with Texture on Canvas, 6-27-2011

Possiblity of Breath 2011

“Every step in advance is an eternal step and will never have to be taken again. We are not building for a day or for a year but we are building for all Time and for Eternity.”

— Ernest Holmes, Creative Mind and Success, p. 59

Ponder this: when I reach for feeling better, I build uplift muscle– I get better at soothing myself. This benefit is something that sticks with me.

This week I got a phone call from a friend who ticked off what was bothering her. She teaches and a couple of her classes were cancelled. Her family is considering selling one of its last real estate holdings. In her list were a number of monetary concerns.

What could I say to her to cheer her? I told her to notice how much she had grown, to take stock of how much more calmly and competently she now navigates through these financial vagaries than she did 15 years ago. That increased sense of balance, that healing, took focus, practice, persistence, and the pay off is beyond conceiving– literally greater than our wildest dreams.

A frequent way  I soothe myself is to recall that I came from Source Energy for the purpose of experiencing. In experiencing earth I come upon what I don’t want and then know more clearly what I do want. I get inspiration for something and a direction. As I move forward, the Universe expands- not just for me but for everyone. This means when I process some contrast in my life I am doing what I came to do, and I am contributing to the whole. I love knowing that. Then this additional thought: I do take my growth with me into the next life.

Isn’t this invigorating? When I do not feel good it helps me put the circumstance into context. I am in the process of growing and moving forward– this is what life looks like– I say to myself– this is what growth looks like. This moving forward helps everyone and       makes a lasting contribution to my life and to all life. Talk about giving life meaning- how cool is that!

Please keep this awareness nearby ready for the next time your mood dips. Experiment and determine if reviewing this accelerates your recovery. No rush: you have got lots of time!

I’d love to hear about your field test playing with these formulations. Please write me at jpearl@streamofyes.com.




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