Janet Pearlman

Living in the Stream of Yes

What is a Stream Blog?

In this space I mean to create a Stream of Yes community. My plan is to write thoughts that inspire, sometimes articles, do some appreciating and allow for others to comment with the goal of uplifting us all, sharing our journey recognizing “Who We Really Are”. Won’t that be fun? A place to bask in the Stream of Yes!

Here is something that moved me today that I opened to from Ernest Holmes (actually it’s the 365 entry for October 24, my birthday):

“I know that the Spirit, which is Life, is present everywhere. Like the air I breathe, It presses against me, on the mountaintop, in the valley, in the desert, and on the ocean, It is everpresent. There is peace at the center of my being , a peace that can be felt throughout the day and in the cool of the evening. I dwell on the unity that underlies everything…. I foucs my inward vision of this indwelling Harmony, knowing that as I contemplate Its perfection I will see It manifest in everything I do.”

(365 Science of Mind, p. 315)

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