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What Happens at the “Abraham-Hicks Support Group” Meetings?

Empowering yourself to feel better, lively and healthy sounds so good, but it takes focus and consciousness to achieve. What better way to help yourself than meeting with like-minded individuals as you wind your way to self-empowerment? This is what happens at the Abraham-Hicks Support Group Meetings.

One evening a month a small group meets for two hours in the evening in the Charlottesville area to practice positive reframing, share experiences and discuss ways to utilize the energy of adversisty to your best good. This free, informal group work with what arises “in the moment” at the meeting.

I start the evening out with a brief orientation and introductions. Then I invite each participant to select a card from the Ask and It is Given card deck. Each card explains an Abraham-Hicks teaching. After selecting and reading their card, each participant shares their own experience in response to the teaching on the card.

Depending on group size we may have several rounds of taking a card and responding. Depending on group interest, time etc., we might also play with some Abraham-Hicks processes.

It’s good idea to bring a notebook. You never know what gems might arise during the group that you may want to remember.

Ready to give it a try? See our next meeting date. Please email to express interest at jpearl@streamofyes.com.


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