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What Happens at “Practice and Play: Going Deeper with Abraham-Hicks Teachings?”

Life includes moments of things not going your way: illness, accidents, financial losses, etc. These events often cannot be avoided, but they need not daunt you for long! The teachings of Abraham-Hicks will help you navigate these life events with clarity and, perhaps some renewed optimism.

Once a month, for two focused hours, in an intimate small group setting, I offer a chance to study and play with a particular teaching or two of Abraham-Hicks. With the small group setting, I am usually able to open the floor to address a particular concern of one or more participants. This is a wonderful opportunity to fast-track your understanding of the Abraham-Hicks teachings, as well as your own personal understanding and growth.

The general format is an explanation of a particular teaching or practice, which is followed by questions from the group, and then as a group we do the practice or an exercise to demonstrate the practice. Often participants will receive an immediate shift.

Become more masterful at Abraham-Hicks processes. In these monthly two-hour classes we will learn and play with recommended tools, changing habits of thought by telling a different story, virtual realities, focus wheels ans more. Come build strength in finding satisfaction in each day while having a wonderful time.

Want to play? This class is for people who are committed to growth and who want to expand their capacity for satisfaction in each day. Those new to the Abraham-Hicks teachings are welcome. To express interest or ask questions, email  jpearl@streamofyes.com. The class meets at Body Bliss Yoga Studio; $20.

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