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Chipper Pink Day, 24 x 30, Acrylic with Texture on Canvas, $495

Chipper Pink Day, 24 x 30, Acrylic with Texture on Canvas, $495

Delores was completing her taxes using Turbotax software. She had progressed along easily and well and then ran into a blip. She looked at the accounting at the top of her Turbotax screen and it told her she owed a lot more money that she expected to owe– a few thousand more.  She sat and thought about this, wondered about the accuracy of the estimates, reviewed the overview of earned amounts, taxes paid,  the big picture of entries. Scanning, she made comparisons to last year.

There was no way she would pay taxes when it did not feel right. How could she get soe help? An Abraham student, she felt herself getting upset, worried, afraid.. and she knew these emotions would block her ability to solve this mystery.

Hanging out with this late one night, some ideas flowed of places to explore for solution. Early the next morning Delores started making calls. Collecting info, she followed the thread– she narrowed down what seemed to be the problem– pretty sure now it was that important federal withholding had not been considered in the Turbotax calculations. On the phone with the nice folks at Turbotax she discovered– oh my that the box where the withholding information should be entered was blank– oops she had skipped it. She typed the numbers in the space– problem dissolved.

Why write about this? Delores had spent two days “With a problem”. She experienced many emotions off and on during that time, got a cloudy brain, made arrangements to connect with a financial adviser, missed his calls– a bit of a drama all of that.

In the end it boiled down to this: she had a moment of confusion in completing the forms and then, once discovered, it was over in two seconds.

Our heroine really got a major hit– Wow  she thought, “I was the one who created all this drama. I distorted the situation, blipped out and missed an important entry.” She had known– We create our own reality.  What an eye opener in this–Our heroine sees that Well Being Abounded during the whole episode-she had been and still is completely fine the whole time. Another instance of experiencing fear coursing through her veins, thinking in that emotion and getting fear thinking– and then wow– the whole thing had been an illusion.

What if we lived remembering that fear is never the truth.  What if I recall more often and sooner: All is Well!!

Do you resonate with these words below from Ernest Holmes? I want to reach to live into them more and more:

“I have a deep inward sense, feeling, conviction and complete faith that there is a Power of Good governing everything; that It is governing completely with absolute certainty, without deviation, without exception and that there is nothing to oppose It, change It to limit or circumscribe Its action…….I abandon myself to this faith, live in its atmosphere and accept its conclusion.[1]

What if we trusted this abiding Power of Good and created our lives from that space. Holy Moly What a Difference, eh!

Readers, I love to hear your reactions and what you feel moved to share about your lives. Do you have a story that verifies for you that All is Really Well? Please send it to jpearl@streamofyes.com. Ernest Holmes writes, ” Only Good is Real.”


[1] Holmes, Ernest, 365 Science of Mind, Jeffrey Tarcher/ Penguin, 2007, p. 2007

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