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Use Me for a Purpose

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Fertile Dreams 2011

The Abraham-Hicks teachings state that each of us comes to earth from non-physical energy to experience contrast and by experiencing contrast we get fuel for our desires. We experience what we don’t want and then we realize and turn toward what we DO want. This impulse of desiring constitutes the life running through us. Desiring expands the Universe: the universe is expanded for everyone.

In the book Source Field Investigations by David Wilcock, the adage “We are All One” is being shown to be scientifically validated. Also documented is how all kinds of life forms respond at a cellular level to a need presented in the environment, a form of desiring,that appears literally to provide the impetus for the change life forms need to survive and thrive.  We are always a part of the “Divine Intelligence”, a part of Life. One grows; we all grow.

Seen in this context,  by our nature we are always being “used for a purpose”. This constitutes evidence then that our existence serves the whole. Though we have a drive to know our individual life purpose, the very fact of our living is serving a high purpose and relieves the pressure to prove ourselves or please others.

On Sunday this week I received an email informing me that my brother was delighted with a book I sent him. Yes I wanted to lift his spirits. I put out the prayer, got intuitive guidance to send the book and then I let go of whether it would “work” or not. My actions got results—I served that purpose.

Yesterday I read about the September 11, 2001 airplane flight that was feared to be heading for the Capitol Building. The “ordinary” citizens figured out the mission, stormed the pilot, and forced the plane to crash, thereby saving the Capitol, but killing all aboard. Those people died being used for a purpose—this deed universally recognized as particularly noble. For most of us opportunities for such visibly noble acts rarely present themselves. It’s good to know that every deed we do contributes to the whole, whether seen or known.

Noticing our lives with greater acuity, we can:

  1. Assume we are bringing Good with whatever we do
  2. Claim we are bringing Good
  3. Envision bringing Good
  4. Relish Bringing Good.

Even deeds that seem misguided or perhaps “evil” serve the whole, enhance the contrast, help more of us know what we don’t want and then turn to what we do want.

We can encourage the flow with this affirmation from Ernest Holmes:

Only Good comes to me, Only Good pours forth from me.

We can know we are always used for a purpose. We need exert a lot less effort than previously envisioned. We can have the evidence and option to feel good about this now.

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