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The Flippers

Road to Pink Hills, 2014

Road to Pink Hills, 24 x 30, Acrylic on Canvas, $525

I swim three to four times a week for exercise. I use flippers now for a portion of the time in the pool. After about 5 to 10 minutes I pause to put on the flippers which I have placed pool edge at my lane. To get the equipment on the foot, the back strap must be attached. Put the front of the foot on, push into them till one sees the toes poke through, then pull on the back strap over the heel.

For many weeks one of the back straps kept detaching. There are circular notches to use to affix the back strap: I had been having trouble getting the strap to slide into place well attached. Each time ( three times a week!) I would wonder if I could get the strap to stay in place well enough for my swim. I was making do, the back strap holding for the swim’s duration, often falling apart as the fin was stowed at swim completion.

Yesterday I sat at pool edge, feet dangling in the water, flippers ready. As is my ritual, I put in my ear plugs, pulled on my cap. Looking down my eye fell on the flippers, and I noticed the strap had  come apart again. I picked it up, looked at the circular notches– then a new thought popped into my head: I wonder if I slide the strap sideways around the notch and then rotate it straight, would it… yes! it was aligned, snugly and firmly in place.

I felt amazed: suddenly I could perform this task: one, two, three.  What had just happened? I approached this procedure with curiosity and relaxation. Come to think of it, yes, formerly each time I had to climb into the fins I felt some bit of worry, wondering if the strap would cooperate. I’d been tense.

Cute how good it felt to discover the solid attaching method! Wow being in a calm and open place I accomplished the task effortlessly. I write a weekly blog entry on becoming more powerful and still I felt surprised and delighted– my success infused me with pleasure, performing this simple function with ease.

In my past I have often felt frustration and run thoughts about how incompetent I am, unhandy. Relaxing and trusting,: this was the mode where I could receive the information I needed. The payoff tickles me!

Do you have some stories like this to share? Times when something that might have stumped you came fluidly and as a gift? I would love to hear about them. Please write to jpearl@streamofyes.com.

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