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On a Roll Appreciating

Green Snake Diptych, two 30 x 40s, Acrylic with Texture on Canvas, $995

Green Snake Diptych, two 30 x 40s, Acrylic with Texture on Canvas, $995

Last winter I had an appointment with a client who was running late. Inspired, I grabbed paper and pen and began brainstorming on what I am grateful for. After about twenty minutes I realized I might want to call the client to find out what was happening for her.  It would be another few minutes– I kept at it and stopped when I heard the footsteps on the stairs.  Wow I felt my spirits higher and more vitality flowing! Great!

Here I want to encourage readers to play with this exercise.  Perhaps listing some questions will stimulate the flow of appreciation:

  • What is going well in your life right now?
  • What opportunities are flowing to you?
  • Notice both simple things, like a chance to smile at a stranger passing by,                            to chances for moving forward or perhaps a juicier chance with effects                              more visibly running far into the future.
  • Are you experiencing new ways to express your talents?
  • Are you offering assistance to someone or receiving help you need?
  • What qualities are shining through you that you are eager to share?
  • Looking back, can you tell some stories about how something that you did not   want turned into something quite good 🙂 over time?  Have you experienced some            unexpected benefits showing up afterwards?
  • What can you name about the joy running through you? What happened? What           did you conjure in your mind?  Did you have some good laughs?

I’ll also share some of the things for which I am grateful to provoke more thought:

  • The sun came up  every morning and I did not help it a bit. 🙂
  • At my mountain home, the view of the stars from my driveway offers spectacular           look at the heavens.
  • The spring weather felt exhilarating today. That pale green, the spring green        pastures, the freshness in the air. Intoxicating!
  • I prepared lots of roasted brussel sprouts, cauliflower, turnip and  sweet potato in          recent months. Yum!!
  • Last fall I updated my home with a spiffy smart tv after 16 years with the old one.
  • Found satisfying clothing for very low prices at a nearby charity store.
  • In the last six months my skill at producing landscapes has taken a leap forward.            YAY!
  • These days I value sharing my life with a like-minded woman friend with whom I            talk and visits regularly.
  • More readers read my blog entries. 🙂
  • My body has grown stronger, more balanced, and more agile in the last two years.        I healed some conditions easily with a focus on Well Being. YAY!

Want to give “counting your blessings” a try? I recommend it, Dear Readers. I think you will like the way you feel!

It would be honored to hear what experiences  you have as you get on a roll appreciating. What good stuff did you list?  Reading those of others, stimulates my realizing more goodness flowing to me. Please send them to jpearl@streamofyes.com. Together we are creating a fabulous world!






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