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Appreciate, Appreciate: Magical Pay Offs Result


Turquoise Bog, 24 x 30, $525

Turquoise Bog, 24 x 30, $525


Appreciate, Appreciate! Then notice magical pay offs unfold! Love those Abraham Hicks teachings! I can testify when that result appears it feels like magic– and a rush of even better feeling.

Here’s the report from this week:

Each morning I sit in quiet and see where I am, what am I feeling. Often soon after tuning in. I move to creating pages of appreciation. That morning I realized some sadness in my heart– I felt more alone than I prefer and asked for the Forces of Good to offer me more emotional satisfaction.

I had just finished scribing the request in my journal when the phone rang.  I answered– Hey it was my close friend Abigail on the line. She suggested that she and I meet later to review my draft website ( I had asked for that a few days before).  Wow that was a very quick response from the Universe.

Then I pulled the cards Perfect Timing from one deck and emotional healing from another.

That morning I had two more phone calls with woman friends and felt juicy and connected. At the rendezvous with Abigail we talked for two hours.

What happened here? I practice appreciating. As you read in these posts, if I get triggered into resentment, sadness and fear, I soothe myself and reach for feeling better.  Isn’t it great to notice how help flowed to me!

Another gift– in the last day:

Last fall I decided to see if I could paint pastures. One day I took my pastels, board, paper and stool and sat at the edge of a pasture to see what I could do with that view. While there one of the owners, a lovely middle aged woman, stopped at her mailbox and spoke briefly with me, giving me permission to sit on her property to do art. In a few minutes, the husband owner, came out and told me I could go anywhere on the acreage to create pieces.

I hung a show of paintings early in September at the local library. Included in the show are four pieces that were directly inspired by their land. I had wanted to let them know, but I had not gotten around to putting some note in their mailbox.  Yesterday I remembered again that I wanted to notify them. This afternoon I was driving by their property and there was the lovely woman stopped to fetch her mail. Quickly I pulled over, hopped out and approached her. She remembered me! I gave her the news about the exhibit and how her land inspired a number of the paintings.  With enthusiasm she looked forward to seeing them soon. Voila– help from the Universe to convey my message to this farm! Yowzer!

Reader Take Away:

Appreciate, appreciate

Ask the Universe for what you want

Watch for What shows up

Look for the Good,  Scan for Responses.

Please let me know your results or tell me stories that have already happened to you. Please send your evidence to jpearl@streamofyes.com. Share the Magic!


As I write an update for my website is being “brought up”.   Please check it out! What’s new? New Art Galleries, An Abraham Hicks Page. The blog has a new feature: readers may comment to me by clicking on the page of the post. Much easier than sending me an email. I look forward to hearing more of your reactions!

Thanks for reading my blog!

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