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Living in the Stream of Yes

Keep Going

Pink Hailing, 9 x 12, Acrylic with Texture on Canvas

Pink Hailing 2010

Over the years when I would show art to fellow artists, they would look with interest, comment on what they liked about the piece, and tell me to “ Keep going”. One art acquaintance tells me to keep going in every note she writes me.

 At first this message to persist seemed facile, kind of a polite thing to say. Now that for another chunk of lifetime I have been painting– as well as doing personal growth work– I comprehend the deeper wisdom of this directive.

 I kept painting, living and growing– here is some of what I see now:

 The art, even the style I use, was entirely un-imagined by me or anyone else on the planet. Looking at the pieces from ten years ago, one would never know the shape my work would take in these more recent years.

 Those early pieces were more akin to seeds planted. Back then, I mainly wanted to be told “ I’m a good artist”. Now I see how interesting and exciting it is to see what will come out of me with each brush stroke, each piece each season of paintings.

 I signed on to proceed on an artistic journey. I invested less in an identity based in other’s praise. By persisting I feel the potency of putting brush and paint on canvas.

 For me I paint connected to a stream of inspiration in each moment for each artistic creation. No one knows what will come from that process– no one knows what can come as I proceed.

 Isn’t‘ that intriguing? Isn’t this exciting? I make this story of painting a metaphor for living. I invite you to make it one for yours.

 Now, I too say “Keep going”. Persist in what you like to create, do and what makes you feel good. What comes will surprise and delight you!

 If you would like to get past obstacles  to continuing your creative journey in all the forms that may take, please let me assist you. I offer telephone and in person consultations for living in the stream of yes. Contact me at jpearl@streamofyes.com. Mention this blog post and receive a complimentary half hour consultation.


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