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Inspirations: My Heart is Certain of Its Good by Julia Cameron

When I was experiencing a transition from close relationship with my partner to a parting, I read the following daily as a prayer to remind me what was most important. The following is a page from the book Heart Steps by Julia Cameron. These days I would substitute the word “Good” for “God”. Enjoy!:

“My Heart is Certain of Its Good” by Julia Cameron

“I am optimistic. I choose to believe and expect the emergence of the best. I enjoy the day I am given and eagerly anticipate the future. I am alert to negative thinking and I do not allow it to cloud my perceptions. Knowing the unstoppable power of God (ed. Good), I am realistic about people and events but I am optimistic about positive outcomes, positive change. I invite actualizing grace to enter and act in my affairs, alchemizing difficulty into opportunity.”



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