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Inspiration from Ernest Holmes

I use the writing of Ernest Holmes extensively for my personal inspiration. Below I offer one I found in my stash again recently.  Enjoy!

From the book 365 Reader, p. 78

Real Giving is the art of transmitting ourselves to others and to the conditions and situations that surround us. This kind of giving is not something for special occasions only; for it should become a habit growing out of our desire to live life to the fullest extent. Only that which becomes an inward habit of thought can spontaneously flow from the heart and transmit itself to everything we touch. Just as life belongs to the one who lives it, the one who takes it, so the fuller life belongs only to the one who scatters every good she has. It is by giving of oneself to every person, every project, and every association with zest, love and friendliness that one sees larger possibility in all things.



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