Janet Pearlman

Living in the Stream of Yes

I Believe in Good

I read some Ernest Holmes on many mornings. Over the past little while I have made note of these quotations to lift myself. I share them today with you. Enjoy!

“I believe that no matter what the experience I am going though now, Good will come of it.. I believe that Good will finally triumph over evil and that love will finally heat all hate… I believe in the invisible Presence of Good in a universe peopled with perfect and eternal entities.” Ernest Holmes, 365 Reader, p. 184

“ The perfect law of Good is operating through me.. It is impossible for me to be separated from my Good” EH, 365 Reader, p. 177

“There is a song at the center of my being that everyone hears, a joy that everyone feels, a strength that is imparted to all.” EH, 365 Reader, p. 166

“There is nothing in me that can doubt the Presence or limit the Power of Good in my life.” EH, 365 Reader, p. 160





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