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How I Tell The Story


Rosco View I, 24 x 30, $525

Rosco View I, 24 x 30, $525

No matter what happens I can uplift myself– if I pay attention to how I frame the description of “what happened”. Am I consciously choosing how I tell my stories?

I recommend mindfully choosing the frame from what I experience. Notice how what comes out of my

mouth feels– does it energize me or deflate me?

I came to Earth to experience CONTRAST which EXPANDS the Universe. Everyone benefits!!

I become clearer about what I do not want and am lead to know what I DO WANT.

Example One: A few years back, what a time I had “repairing my car”!  I spent 4 hours at the shop , call it Garage X, and did not end up with anything fixed in my car.

( The nice people took my car apart, went to replace a part with a refurbished one, decided they did not like the “‘new” part, put my original part back in the vehicle. They charged me for labor. )

As I was driving away, I asked myself how I could talk about this incident in an uplifted way. Surely I felt the neural habits of self blame right there ready to pounce– “you stupid…”

Instead I said, “Well I came to Earth to experience variety and to expand. Here I am right on track. This was..er.. different!”

It had been such a weird set of circumstances– I started to perceive and feel the humor. I repeated, “What happened was on task. I expanded the world today.”

I skipped frustration and enjoyed the remainder of my day.

The next day I awoke feeling good. In the days leading up to that auto visit, I had called many repair places to do research. That morning I felt an impulse to call a specific one.

I brought my car over to him on that second morning. He fixed the car for a fraction of the price the others had estimated.  That man, his business, has become my reliable and beloved go to auto repair shop.

Since then he has helped me keep that car another almost 60,000 miles! He mended, tuned, replaced things well again and again. I connected with him because of that first situation.

Would you rather create momentum to go toward what you want in life? Notice what you say and what stories you tell.

In driving away from Garage X– I felt into a frame for the tale… I reached for feeling lighter and then did! Look what popped in the end!

Example Two: This summer I looked for a place to live. I felt tension.  When I started down the road of telling myself it was too expensive and it was too hard to find something– it felt awful. I got very upset– then was guided to shift my story and feelings– Instead I told myself “I would be provided with a beautiful place to live. Trust it to show up.”

To read more detail about this search, please see blogs entitled, “Allowing Recovery,” and “Worth It To Feel Good.”

When I found the place I now have, I was astounded. It is so great for me.

Dear Readers: Do you label what happened “a disaster?” or do you call it an “adventure.”

Do you complain about circumstances or do you expect to receive assistance for the inevitable improvement coming?

I recommend saying: It’s ok. I am making this ok.

How I frame the flow of life– it shapes my future– it shapes what I am creating!

Please experiment with creating your stories. See what happens. Comment with results 🙂



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