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Recovery: Practiced Perception for Dating Dip

good one 11-14-2010 5-57-30 PM 1280x960zI feel good most of the time. Still now and then this cowgirl experiences the blues passing through. :).  I wrote to men online and at the end of last week I found several to whom I felt drawn to send a note. As is often the case I received no reply. Some habits of thought got stirred: I felt some waves of discouragement.

When I feel low, I know that view is not the whole picture. It’s not All That I AM. All That Is views me as shining, happy and successful.

Knowing that Source sees me as vibrant did not completely clear the mood on a dime. I started to shift and here is how I began to talk to myself:”It’s ok to feel lower. You have cycled through these moods before and you have seen that the Good still flows to you. You are not flawed because you have feelings. The sun still shines behind clouds and storms. ”

So many good things have happened in my life– I took time that day to list some in a notebook for that purpose :).

What next? I dove into some activities I love: I painted using vibrant color. I gardened and focused on some sweet small plants I have nurtured from seedlings since July. As the day progressed I felt some bits better. I made it ok again to be where I was. In the evening I played online on a dating site for a few minutes. In the browse I spotted a fellow not previously noticed, a local one, read his piece and made him a favorite.

The next day after a good night’s sleep I felt much better. Love that reboot we get first thing in the morning! When I opened email I had an offer for body work from a friend and a note from the man I had seen the night before, commenting on how knowledgeable I sounded, expressing a desire to meet me. Later that day we telephoned– I felt further validation as he recounted why he asked to meet me.

I practiced seeing the good in my world on the day my spirits were lower. The next day I got some of what I want delivered to me: confirmation of my mood lifting and of my attractiveness.

Also that next morning I tried on a new top with some jeans I own.. Gazing in the mirror I saw a nice looking female. I have been practicing seeing my beauty and the focus is paying off. When I do see it, I love that I see it and  I love that the practice of looking for the good of me is working!

Take Away for Readers:

Play with looking for good things in your life.

Persist in reaching for it, and know that some will show up.. in fact you will find it more and more often and with greater ease.

Celebrate what you find, that you found it and that you did so on purpose! Juicy!  You are shaping your perception and changing your life. Stand up and take a bow!

Please share your comments and abundant success stories in all the glorious detail! Write to jpearl@streamofyes.com. Spill your fun all over us!







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