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Jin Shin Jyutsu: Consider an Individual Treatment Session

A Jin Shin Jyutsu individual treatment session revitalizes the client and facilitates profound healing in body, mind and spirit. During the session, a client rests on the back, dressed, on a massage table. With use of pulse listening, the practitioner tunes into the specific conditions of the client: acute, chronic, mental/emotional needs and more.  The client’s body is observed, and further information discerned. Then hands are placed on the client on certain spots in a certain sequences, selected particularly for this client at
this time. The session is designed to tune the client’s energy to  a human blueprint of ease, health and harmony.  This art addresses the cause of the various “projects” (conditions) we may bring to the session.

A session generally lasts about an hour. During the session, the client lays quietly on the table. Some feel sensations, some do not feel much. Most people experience a session as deeply relaxing and refreshing as they feel relief from symptoms.  For those who want to amplify the beneficial effect, client may opt to receive some instructions in Self Help applications to use at home.  A session costs $75/hour in the office with a sliding scale where needed. If desired, please inquire about receiving individual treatment sessions as a home visit. Consider Jin Shin Jyutsu for maintaining health, stress relief and for healing of all kinds.

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