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Living in the Stream of Yes

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Jiving 2011


Do you recall a time when you felt playful and engaged? Things went your way, and you flowed with events easily and without strain. You trusted yourself and your life. You felt content, satisfied and excited. Janet calls this state Living in the Stream of Yes.
You may have felt this state was a matter of momentary good fortune. In the classes and private sessions Janet teaches how this condition can be consciously created, empowering yourself to nurture these states, to bring them forward with greater frequency and duration. In fact, you can claim this as a way of life!



  • Using her long experience with works teaching the power of our thought including Abraham Hicks teachings, the work of Ernest Holmes, Emmet Fox and personal tools used for her own growth, Janet offers classes in Living in the Stream of Yes. Students learn to how to create lives with more energy and ease. They get in touch with what they love about their lives, their purpose for being. Participants learn ways to access more happiness on their paths, and how to express more of who they are. Students will become calmer, live in more integrity and have more fun. These classes are offered in various ways at different places; to stay tuned in check Janet’s Upcoming Events frequently.
  • For those who have discovered the Abraham-Hicks teachings and are enjoying using and growing with them, Janet offers two different meetings each month: Practice and Play Going Deeper with Abraham-Hicks Teaching, and an Abraham-Hicks Support Group. Each group meets once a month to review and discuss the Abraham-Hicks teachings. In the Saturday Practice and Play class, students learn how to use the mindfulness strategies more deftly, envisioning their dreams, going for what is wanted and feeling the immediate satisfaction of improving your perspective and mood. Classes are usually held the third Saturday of the month, from 11AM-1PM at the Body Bliss Yoga Studio in Charlottesville, VA. The Abraham-Hicks Support Group monthly meetings offer an opportunity to meet with others to practice and discuss Abraham-Hicks techniques; the group generally meets on the third Tuesday of each month at either C’ville Coffee or the Central Branch of the Charlottesville Public Library from 6:45PM-8:45PM in a third floor meeting room. For current dates and times, see Upcoming Events.


Want to inspire yourself, get a boost for a decision or new project, relieve stress or receive a jumpstart on your growth journey? Janet offers private coaching sessions to those who want assistance in shifting their patterns of thought from more limiting to more empowered. She assists clients to make the changes in their lives by tuning into the focus of her attention.

Here is what one satisfied client reported:

Janet has a good understanding of the Abraham teachings. She has gently directed me to ways of thinking about situations that bring relief and help me feel happier. I like that she talks about pitfalls on the path to growth, such as beating yourself up for thinking negative thoughts which she relates to her own experience. She models the attitude you can take that is gentle to yourself.” — Deborah

Another coaching client shared:

“I felt a huge shift after our session. I have experienced more happiness, energy nad peace, knowing I am on the right path and healing every step of the way. I am also shifting the way I speak to myself.” — Jen (for more see Private Coaching Session with Janet Pearlman.)

Sound interesting? Come to Janet’s office or connect with her by telephone or skype. To arrange for personal time, or a group speaking engagement, email Janet at jpearl@streamofyes.com. Look for more stories like these in Janet’s Stream Blog, or in the “Testimonials” category.


  • Janet is available to speak to your group on Living in the Stream of Yes. Let her inspire your group with topics related to Living the Law of Attraction; Empowering Ourselves Made Simple; Finding Center; Tapping into the Joy of Living; and more.
  • Svaroopa-Style Yoga classes at Body Yoga Studio (1445 Rio Road East, Suite 201) on Wednesdays at 9:30AM or 6PM.
  • (To pre-register, email
  • jpearl@streamofyes.com
  • .)
  • Source Field Investigation is a study group to investigate this text that documents hundreds of scientific studies detailing evidence and effects of a field of intelligence that pervades the Universe. The group generally meets from 10AM-Noon at Java Dragon Coffee in Preston Plaza near Integral Yoga; check out what’s happening this month. Please pre-register by emailing jpearl@streamofyes.com.
  • View all of Janet Pearlman’s upcoming events.

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